Scholarship and Tuition Exemption


For the details of scholarship programs available to Kyoto University students, refer to the Kyoto University official website.
Also, the website operated by Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO) provides the information on what kind of scholarships available to international students.

For scholarships opportunities prior to enrollment, the following scholarships are applicable and some are especially to the international students of the Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA).

To note that each scholarship has different criteria and application procedures, therefore, please check carefully its eligibility and application process well in advance.

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Tuition Exemption

For those students of excellent academic standing and are facing financial difficulties, they may be eligible for an exemption of all or half of the tuition fee. For further details, refer to the Kyoto University official website.
Note1) Although the application for an exemption is open to all students, there is a limit to the number of exemptions granted.
Note2) Students coming from abroad to study at Kyoto University are advised to have sufficient funds before coming to Japan.