Requirements for Completion

Master’s Program Requirements for Completion (Prescribed on first clause of Article 49, General Regulations of Kyoto University)

The requirements for the completion of a Master’s Program shall be at least two years’ residence, attendance at research guidance, attainment of 30 or more credits in the major courses, successful approval of the Master’s dissertation, and successful completion of written qualifying examinations. However, the term of residence may be reduced to a minimum of one year for a student who has showed excellent research performance, if prescribed by the Graduate School concerned.

Earning Credits

Explanation on how to earn credits for each division is listed at the end of the course list for each division, found in the Guide to Degree Program/Syllabus distributed after the enrollment. On this website, it can be found in this page.

Standards for credits

Credits to be earned for each class are calculated by the following standards.
Lectures: 1 credit for 1 hr/week for 15 weeks
Seminars: 1 credit for 2 hrs/week for 15 weeks
Experiments, Laboratory works, Drafting: 1 credit for 3 hrs/week for 15 weeks

Announcement of Class Schedule

Information on class schedule, assigned lecture rooms, registration procedures and exams will be announced via notices, etc., at the beginning of the semester by each division.
Detailed information about intensive courses will be notified on as-needed basis.