Curriculum Policy

Undergraduate Students

  1. In order to achieve the development of human resources set forth in the Diploma Policy, students are provided with an education that culturally enriches them and equips them with a broad global perspective; they are also taught about the wider fields of the humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences relating not only to agricultural science but also to food, the environment, and the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries (all of which concern “Life, Food, and Environment).
  2. Four-year non-divided education is provided. In the first and second years, students are assisted in laying a foundation through compulsory introductory courses in specialized fields, while also being required to take University-wide liberal arts and science courses for their cultural enrichment and the development of language skills. In the third and fourth years, students are required to study subjects from their chosen specialty field.
  3. A wide range of courses is provided so that students can acquire a broad perspective; moreover, since students are allowed a certain level of freedom in the selection of courses, their self-teaching and self-learning is respected.
  4. In the fourth year or the latter half of the third year, students are affiliated with a laboratory or research unit and deepen their specialist knowledge, while pursuing research through close communication and mutual mentorship between faculty members and seniors/classmates, acquire problem-solving skills, and learn to act with independence as well as a strong sense of ethics and responsibility.
  5. There is particular emphasis on experimentation, seminars and fieldwork, to enable students to deepen their understanding of the content of lectures and learn fundamental research methods.
  6. Students are encouraged to proactively acquire a more global perspective. Accordingly, students with such ambitions are encouraged to study abroad, using the student exchange agreements in place with multiple overseas universities/institutions, and achieve a certain degree of credit transfer is available.