Successive Deans

Successive Deans
Name Term of office
Shigeru Osugi From May 23rd, 1924
To November 17th, 1924
Denzaemon Hashimoto From November 17th, 1924
To November 15th, 1926
Bunsuke Suzuki From November 15th, 1926
To November 15th, 1927
Akio Kikuchi From November 15th, 1927
To November 15th, 1928
Sanroku Ichikawa From November 15th, 1928
To November 15th, 1929
Yoshinori Takezaki From November 15th, 1929
To November 15th, 1930
Yataro Sato From November 15th, 1930
To November 15th, 1932
Shigeru Osugi From November 15th, 1932
To November 15th, 1933
Denzaemon Hashimoto From November 15th, 1933
To November 15th, 1935
Takeo Hemmi From November 15th, 1935
To November 15th, 1936
Daigaku Numata From November 16th, 1936
To November 30th, 1938
Isao Namikawa From November 30th, 1938
To November 30th, 1940
Kinsuke Kondo From November 30th, 1940
To November 30th, 1942
Shigeru Osugi From November 30th, 1942
To November 30th, 1945
Isao Namikawa From November 30th, 1945
November 30th, 1947
Kinsuke Kondo From November 30th, 1947
To November 30th, 1949
Fuyuhiko Kagawa From November 30th, 1949
To November 30th, 1953
Yoshiyuki Inoue From December 1st, 1953
To December 1st, 1957
Shigeru Kadita From December 1st, 1957
To November 30th, 1959
Yoichiro Watanabe From December 1st, 1959
To August 25th, 1961
Azuma Okuda From August 26th, 1961
To December 16th 1963
Akira Kobayashi From December 16th, 1963
To December 15th, 1967
Katsumi Syakudo From December 16th, 1967
To February 13th, 1969
Sukekata Kashiwa From February 14th, 1969
To December 15th, 1969
Minoru Nakazima From December 16th, 1969
To December 15th, 1971
Toshio Sawada From December 16th, 1971
To December 15th, 1973
Taiji Kikuchi From December 1th, 1973
To December 15th, 1975
Kanji Nakato From December 16th, 1975
To December 15th, 1977
Keiichi Sakamoto From December 16th, 1977
To December 15th, 1979
Takashi Tomana From December 16th, 1979
To April 30th, 1981
Hiroshi Fukami From May 1st, 1981
To April 30th, 1983
Ryoichi Handa From May 1st, 1983
To April 30th, 1985
Ryoji Kawashima From May 1st, 1985
To April 30th, 1987
Tamotsu Iwai From May 1st, 1987
To March 31th, 1990
Kazutake kyuma From April 1st, 1990
To March 31th, 1994
Toshisuke Maruyama From April 1st, 1994
To March 31st, 1996
Iwao Furusawa From April 1st, 1996
To March 31st, 1998
Akira Miyazaki From April 1st, 1998
To August 15th, 1999
Ryuichi Matsuno From August 16th, 1999
To March 31st, 2003
Tsuyoshi Takahashi From April 1st, 2003
To March 31st, 2005
Susumu Yazawa From April 1st, 2005
To March 31st, 2007
Shogo Okumura From April 1st, 2007
To March 31st, 2009
Takashi Endo From April 1st, 2009
To March 31st, 2013
Hisashi Miyagawa From April 1st, 2013
To March 31st, 2017
Eiji Nawata From April 1st, 2017
To March 31st, 2019
Akira Murakami From April 1st, 2019
To September 30th, 2020
Shigeki Sawayama From October 1st, 2020