Network Policy

Established September 13, 2001 / Revised October 1, 2010
Graduate School of Agriculture / Faculty of Agriculture of Kyoto University

Fundamental principles

The Internet should be used according to the highest ethical standards.

  • Users should refrain from inappropriate speech and behavior such as humanrights abuse, privacy invasion, and acts and speech contrary to public order and morals, conducted anonymously.
  • Users should not infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights.


  • Users should draw a line between what is public and private when using the university LAN.
  • Users are allowed to use the university LAN for matters directly related to official duties, research, study and job-search activities, as well as matters that are specifically allowed by laboratory officials.
Users should not use e-mails for private purposes via university LAN.
[Acceptable case examples]
When conducting information exchanges related to research (contacting researchers, suppliers etc. when students have to make contact by themselves, not via teachers).
When instructed to submit reports by e-mail.
Posting items on message or bulletin boards that are not related to research is prohibited.
Setting up personal websites on the university server or operating (setting up, modification of, etc.) personal websites (incl. blogs and social networking sites (SNSs)) on servers outside the university “via university WSs or PCs” are prohibited.
[Acceptable case examples]
Searching and downloading a document related to research (however, automatic downloading (incl. excess downloading in a short time, even by manual operations) are strictly disallowed.)
Retrieving information related to research (incl. academic conference attendance information)
When instructed to submit reports by WebCT.
File transfer, remote operation software (P2P type file transfer, ftp, telnet, ssh, etc.)
Transfer of private data and remote control of host computers for private purposes are prohibited.
Messaging software (e. g. internet telephony, messenger software and chat etc.)
Personal use is prohibited and their use should obey the KUINS rules.
Users should pay careful attention to the management of their IDs and passwords.
Users should take every precaution to prevent virus invasion.
Users should take every precaution to install security update.
Net News
Posting on news websites of matters not related to research is prohibited.

Penalty for violation of the above rules

Users who are found to have violated the university rules for network use as stipulated above will be prohibited to connect to the university LAN.

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