The 5th Bilateral Symposium between Kasetsart University, Thailand (KU) and the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University (KUGSA)

The 5th KU-KUGSA Bilateral Symposium on “Food, Environment and Life for the Next Generation: Sustainable Development Goals” was held at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand on December 2nd and 3rd.

The MoU between Kyoto University and Kasetsart University was signed in 1984 and the two universities have built a mutually beneficial partnership over the years. As KU is the first agricultural university in Thailand, KU and KUGSA have an especially strong partnership not only in joint research, but also in various collaborative programs such as double degree program and summer programs. The KU-KUGSA bilateral symposia have been held every year since 2015 to further advance the collaboration; the 1st and the 3rd symposia were hosted by KU, and the 2nd and the 4th were hosted by KUGSA. This year, 11 KUGSA delegates visited KU to attend the 5th symposium.

On December 2nd, the symposium opened with welcoming remarks by Associate Prof. Vijitsri Sanguanwongse, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, and opening remarks by Associate Prof. Ladawan Puangchit, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs. After exchanging gifts and taking commemorative photos, Assistant Prof. Prapinwadee Sirisupluxana, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Economics, and Prof. Motoki Akitsu, Vice Dean of KUGSA, gave plenary talks. At the end of the plenary session, Prof. Eiji Nawata, Director of Kyoto University’s ASEAN Center, gave an introduction on the ASEAN Center which is located in Bangkok, and Ms. Sakiko Imaeda, office administrator at KUGSA, gave an introduction on exchange programs available at KUGSA. After a coffee break, participants attended a presentation session, where 15 researchers gave presentations about their research work. Even though all participants from different research interests attended the session in the same room, they interacted with each other across disciplines through lively discussions.

On December 3rd, KUGSA participants went on an excursion to a floating market in Ratchaburi Province and a factory of Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd., one of the largest sauce companies in Thailand, and the symposium was successfully concluded. The participants interacted with each other not only through presentations, but also through conversations at coffee breaks and dinner receptions. It is expected that KU and KUGSA will further strengthen their partnership for years to come.

Opening remarks by Associate Prof. Ladawan Puangchit, Acting Vice President of KU

Plenary talk by Prof. Akitsu, Vice Dean of KUGSA

Presentation by Prof. Nawata, Director of ASEAN Center

Presentation session

Commemorative photo

Tour at Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd.