GSA Signs Double Degree Program with the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University (CBANTU)

On March 28, a delegation from NTU’s College of Bioresources and Agriculture including Prof. Huu-Sheng Lur, Dean of CBANTU, Former Dean Yuan-Tay Shyu, Associate Dean Dar-Yuan Lee, Director of Center for International Agricultural Education & Academic Exchanges, Shu-Jen Wang, Head of Center for International Agricultural Education & Academic Exchanges Chi-Te Liu, Assistant Prof. Shu-Yen Lin, and Mr. Chih-Hsiung Hsu visited GSA to attend a signing ceremony for the double degree program between the two schools.

Prof. Eiji Nawata (Tropical Agriculture), Dean of GSA, Prof. Akira Murakami (Agricultural Facilities Engineering), Vice-Dean of GSA, Prof. Motoki Akitsu (Philosophy of Agricultural Science), Vice-Dean of GSA, Prof. Hisashi Miyagawa (Bioregulation Chemistry), Former Dean of GSA, and Prof. Ryutaro Tao (Pomology) CBANTU-GSAKU Double Degree Program Coordinator, attended the ceremony. The Deans of both schools made special remarks and introduced the attendees before moving on to the signing ceremony. After the Deans signed the agreement, the former Deans, Prof. Miyagawa and Prof. Shyu, gave speeches where they talked about the history of the relationship between the two schools and expectations for future collaborations.

The meeting and the signing ceremony were carried out in a very friendly atmosphere, and the attendees showed the good relationship between the two schools. Some of the GSA professors are scheduled to visit NTU in July to give intensive courses (Previous Event), and a joint symposium is scheduled at the end of August (Previous Event). A continuing, deeper relationship between the two schools is anticipated through various forms of exchanges in addition to the newly-established double degree program.

Greetings by Dean Nawata (center on the right)

Greetings by Dean Lur (right)

Deans Lur and Nawata holding the signed agreement

Greetings by Former Dean Shyu

Greetings by Associate Dean Lee

Greetings by Director Wang

Greetings by Head Liu

Greetings by Assist.Prof. Lin

Front row (from left to right): Vice-Dean Murakami, Prof. Miyagawa, Dean Nawata, Dean Lur, Prof. Shyu, and Prof. Lee Back row: Vice-Dean Akitsu, Prof. Tao, Prof. Wang, Assoc.Prof. Liu, and Assist.Prof. Lin