GSA Delegates Attend National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)’s Centennial Celebration

Prof. Ryutaro Tao (Pomology), Associate Prof. Haruhiko Iba (Farm Managerial Information and Accounting), and Associate Prof. Hirokazu Higuchi (Tropical Agriculture) attended the Centennial Celebration of NCHU from September 23rd to 27th along with Vice-President Yasuyuki Kono and Director Takashi Watanabe of Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH).

Five KU schools and institutes including GSA, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and RISH concluded an MoU in 2017 with six NCHU schools and institutes including College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the International Agriculture Center, and have been interacting with each other ever since.

The ceremony on September 23rd opened with greetings by NCHU’s President Fuh-Sheng Shieu and KU’s Vice-President Kono. Following that, Vice-President Kono, Associate Prof. Hiroshi Takebayashi of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, and RISH’s Director Watanabe gave presentations. Prof. Tao, Associate Prof. Iba, and Lecturer Chin-Cheng YANG of RISH also gave talks on various topics. At the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, hundreds of faculty members and students listened to the talks attentively. President Xue expressed his eagerness in bringing the current academic exchanges among NCHU and KU’s schools to university-level.

From September 24th to 27th, there were seminars on more specialized topics where Associate Prof. Higuchi gave a presentation.

Having multiple schools and institutes at the celebration allowed the delegates to give interdisciplinary introduction of the research activities at KU and to have meaningful and wide range of discussions with NCHU, through which NCHU and KU deepened their relationship.

Meeting with the President

Presentation from GSA


Presentation from GSA

Group Photo