Visa and Resident Status for International Students (Extension. etc)

Application for Extension of Period of Stay

Applications are accepted from three months prior to the current period’s expiration date. Applicants are required to visit the Immigration bureau to complete the procedures immediately upon receiving a notification of the result of the application.

Required Items

  1. Passport
  2. Alien Registration Card or Residence Card
  3. Certification of Enrollment (or Certificate of Enrollment Period for Research Students) ・・・ issued by automatic certificate issuing machine
  4. Academic Transcript ・・・ issued by automatic certificate issuing machine
    * Students without a transcript, such as research students, must submit a certificate of research content written by their academic advisor (free format).
  5. Application Forms for Extension of Period of Stay
      5.1 Application forms For Applicant 1, 2 and 3 ・・・ to be completed by applicants themselves
    5.2 Application forms For Organization, part 1 and 2  ・・・ Bring the forms to Students Affairs Office to be completed.  
      Application forms are available at the Immigration Bureau or download from here.
  6. Processing Fee 4,000 Japanese yen
  7. Documents that prove the applicant’s financial ability to cover living expenses
       e.g. Certification of Scholarship, copy of the bankbook
Additional documents such as National Insurance Card may be required. Check with the Immigration Bureau for details.

Part-time Job Permission

In case international students with Student resident status wish to work part-time, they must apply for and receive a permission before they begin a part-time job. Once they are permitted, a sticker to be affixed inside the applicant’s passport is issued . The permission expires on the same day as the student’s Status of Residence. Students are required to show the affixed sticker at the Student Affairs Office.

How to Apply

Applicants submit completed application forms to the Immigration Bureau directly. As a general rule, permits will be issued on the day of application.

Required Items

  1. Application for Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Card or Residence Card

For further details and application forms, refer to this web page.

IMPORTANT Changes due to a Revision of the Immigration Control Act

Revision to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act came into effect on July 1st, 2010. Pay careful attention to the following changes in the regulations relating to the status of residence of foreign nationals living in Japan.

1. Integration of “College Student” and “Pre-College Student” statuses
Under the new regulations, when students with “Pre-College Student” residence status enter a university, they do not have to change their status to “College Student” as long as there is no change in their educational activities. If their period of stay will expire while they are attending the university, they must apply for an extension of the period of stay at the Immigration Bureau prior to the current period’s expiration date. Those who have “Pre-College Student” residence status are also eligible to apply for multiple re-entry permission.

2. A “six months” period of stay category has been added for those with “College Student” residence status
The period of stay categories for “College Student” status are now six months, one year, one year and three months, two years, or two years and three months.

3. Part-time Job Permission
An “Official Letter of Recommendation” is no longer required to make an application. Teaching or research assistant positions that are contracted for paid activities with the university need not apply for a work permission. For more details, please refer to this notice.
Reference: Immigration Bureau :