Overseas Travel Insurance

Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture participates in the emergency support system by the Japan IR&C Corporation to assist students and faculty members against accidents or unforeseen circumstances while travelling abroad.

This system provides the support and funds in the event of an unforeseeable accident, search and rescue, and for condolence visits, under the condition that students have applied to personal travel insurance.

When travelling overseas, students are strongly advised to apply for his/her own personal travel insurance provided by major insurance companies (e.g. AIU, Tokio Marine & Nichido etc.). The minimum travel insurance coverage on the amount for treatment and rescue should be at least 30 million yen or more preferably unlimited.


【Caution: Travel Insurance through Credit Card Collateral】

A large number of travelers use credit card collateral for personal travel insurance when they go overseas. There are many limitations when using credit card collateral as travel insurance, such as low amount of compensation and a limited access to medical treatment. The needs for travel insurance depends on many factors, such as the length of the travel, travel location and the purpose of travel, students and faculty members are strongly requested to apply for personal travel insurance through insurance company that offers high coverage compensations and support services. 

In principle, undergraduate and graduate students, while travelling abroad for studies, research and surveys, should apply for his/her personal  travel insurance provided by an insurance company rather than using the credit card collateral.