Visa and Resident Status for International Students

1. Those who are relocating from overseas

In order for international students to enter Japan for studying, they must obtain passport first. They also must have a “Student” visa. There are two ways to obtain a visa. One is firstly applying for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) through your proxy in Japan and applying for a visa in your country. The other is following the all necessary procedures in your country.
Applying for COE first in Japan・・・Application must be made through your proxy in Japan. Please click here for more information.
Applying for visa in your country・・・Contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.
2. Those who already reside in Japan
Those who already reside in Japan with a resident status other than “Student” must change their current resident status to “Student” after their entrance to Kyoto University is admitted.
The necessary documents are available from this page.

For information about the Japan Immigration Office location, operation hour, please click here.