Housing for International Students

1, Kyoto University International Houses

Kyoto University’s three accommodation facilities for international students and researchers, known as the Kyoto University International Houses, are located at Shugakuin, Uji and Ohbaku. In principle, international students who will enroll at Kyoto University within a year of their arrival in Japan are eligible to apply. The move-in period is April and October, and the application period is January and July (three months prior to move-in) respectively. The tenancy period is either one year or six months and non-extendable in either case.


2, Student Housing by Public Organizations

Mukaijima Gakusei Center and the Kyoto International Student House have both international and Japanese residents. Center for Women International Students only admits international students.



MukaijimaGakusei Center

International Service Office

Kyoto International Student House


Center for Women International Students


3, Student Dormitories


There are four dormitories that are open to all Kyoto University students near the Yoshida campus. Those who wish to apply should contact the dormitories directly for information on the application period and procedures.








Joshi-Ryo (Women only)


Muromachi-Ryo (Grad. Students only)


4, Private Apartments and Other Housing


To find an apartment, students are recommended to visit the Kyoto University CO-OP or real estate agents.


Example of Typical Rents in Kyoto

Single room with shared kitchen and toilet ・・・ 25,000 to 30,000 Japanese Yen per month

    Single room with private kitchen, toilet and bath ・・・ Upwards of 45,000 Japanese Yen per month

Key money, deposit, maintenance fees in addition to monthly rent are charged. Those fees generally amount to the equivalent of two or three months rent. Most apartments also ask for a guarantor to cosign the lease.