Curriculum and List of Subjects in Special Course


The minimum required period of enrollment in the programs is two years for the master’s course and three years for the doctoral course. Master’s course students must obtain 30 credits or more in their major to pass the master’s thesis screening and final examination for their degree. Doctoral students are required to pass the dissertation assesment and final examination.

List of Subjects in Special Course



Agronomy and Horticultural Science

Crop Production Ecology
Introduction to Genetic Analysis

Fruit Tree Physiology

Forest and Biomaterials Science

Forest Resources and Society

Tropical Forest Environments

Forest Utilization

Theory of Erosion Control

Fiborous Biomaterials

Sciences for Innovative Humano-habitability

Forest Science

Wood Science

Applied Life Sciences

Applied Life Sciences

Plant Nutrients -Function and Acquisition-
Applied Microbiology for Human Life
Advanced Applied Biochemistry
Pesticide Chemistry

Applied Biosciences

Advanced Genetics

Fisheries and Environmental Oceanography
Current Topics in Marine Microbiology

Function of Marine Organisms

Aquatic Cell Physiology
Reproductive Biology

Special Lecture for Applied Biosciences

Environmental Science and Technology

Forest Ecology

Forest Biochemistry

Tropical Agricultural Ecology

Agroecology of Tropical Crops

Soil Science


Special Lecture on Microbial Management

Special Lecture on Ecological Information
Special Lecture in Ecological Management

Numerical Sciences of Structural Design

Water Reources Engineering
Hydraulic and Environmental Modeling

Hydrological Environment Sciences

Rural Land Use Planning
Agricultural Systems Engineering
Field Robotics (Advanced Course)
Field Automation
Bio-Sensing Engineering
Physicality of Agricultural Products
Environment Radiation Control
Seminar on Bio-Sensing Engineering

Natural Resource Economics

Regional Environmental Economics

Agricultural and Environmental Policy

Development Micro-economics

Forest and Resources Economics

International Agricultural Cooperation

International Agri-food Studies

Food Science and Biotechnology

Advanced Course of Enzyme Chemistry

Advanced Course of Food Chemistry

All Division

Agriculture and Environment in Japan
Special Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies
Scientific Communication
Sustainable Agriculture: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

*Besides the subjects listed above, seminars and laboratory works are available in English.