Procedures for Current Students

Request and Notification Forms

◆Request for Reissuance of Student ID ・・・ Reissuance with the reasons of lost, stolen and damage is subject to fees.
◆Request for Leave of Absence     ◆Request for Withdrawal } ※ Requests for Leave of Absence or Withdrawal as of the earlier date of the application date can not be approved. Consult Student Affairs Office well in advance and take necessary procedures. Otherwise, it may cause inconvenience in terms of tuition and other payments.
◆Request for Readmission ・・・ Necessary when requesting readmission while the period of leave of absence
◆Request for Overseas Travel Permission ◆Notification of Overseas Travel ・・・ Submit whenever going abroad for research activities, sightseeing and other reasons
◆Notification of (Change of ) Address/Telephone Number/Email Address ・・・ Change the address or other contact information from your KULASIS “registration information” page 
◆Notification of Change of Joint Guarantor ・・・ Submit immediately upon the changes in address or contact information of students’ joint guarantor