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Founded in 1923 as the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University’s Faculty and Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) today consist of six departments and seven divisions respectively. Kyoto University has been deeply committed to the principles of liberal education and academic freedom since its establishment. In line with these principles, the GSA pursue education and research with the aim of contributing to the global community’s harmonious coexistence by tackling various challenges humankind face, including the continuity of life from generation to generation, a stable supply of safe and high quality food, reduced environmental degradation and restoration of a degraded environment.

Thus far, the GSA owes its growth to generous support by alumni members, corporations and organizations as well as to efforts of all the faculty and staff members through its history, for which we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

The Japanese National Universities have reached the period of the 3rd Medium-Term objectives. Meanwhile, the universities cannot expect the increase of financial support from the government that has been annually decreased until now and the educational and research environment remains a severe one. Especially, the age range of personnel becomes imbalanced due to the reduction in the number of employees, and that leads to a significant decline in the universities’ vitality.

In this situation, the GSA’s Education and Research Fund has been highly helpful to support students’ and young researchers’ activities. For instance, from FY2018, we started to employ four young program-specific faculty members aged 35 or younger, financed by the fund. Although this program needs up to 70 million yen in the next three years, the amount of balance as of the end of March 2020 is 76 million yen. Your strong support for the fund is indispensable, considering the continuation of the ongoing programs such as the international students’ exchange program supports and workplace environment support program for maternity leaves of faculty that was started in FY2017.

In radically changing today’s society and world, the GSA plays a key role in stable and sustainable production of agricultural, forest and aquatic resources and realization of healthy and rich dietary life. Research and education concerning “Life, Food and Environment” are becoming more and more important. In FY2017, the GSA established “Green Energy Farm Partnership (GEFP),” aiming at practical realization and prevalence of agriculture that produces and uses renewable energy.

We will all strive to contribute to GSA’s development, and would appreciate it if you could lend your further support.

October 2020

Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Dean of Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture, Shigeki Sawayama

Vice Deans of Graduate School of Agriculture, Motoki Akitsu, Kaoru Kitajima, Ryutaro Tao and Wataru Hashimoto

Donation to the fund

  1. Name

Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture education and research fund

  1. Purpose

The Faculty of Agriculture education and research fund will support the educational environment, students and young  researchers,    the industry-university cooperation system, and expand interactions with alumni or societies.

3.Donation amount

Minimum donation: ¥1,000 (We would be pleased to accept more.)

4. Project plans

  1. Maintenance and enhancement of the educational environment and equipment, maintenance of the student study room and common room, maintenance of the student support center
  2. Support and nurturing of students and young researchers

Supplementary grants for research and overseas training

  1. Promotion of international exchanges
  2. Enhancement of the center for industry-university cooperation and maintenance of research laboratories
  3. Maintenance of a communication room for alumni
  4. Organizing an academic conference for the public or open lectures for alumni association branches

5. Features of the donation, subscription, and payment

  1. Deduction for donation

Income tax deductions

The donated amount (limited to an amount equivalent to no more than 40 percent of gross income) less \2,000 will be deducted from gross income.

Inhabitant tax deductions

For donors residing in Kyoto Prefecture, the City of Kyoto, Osaka Prefecture, or Shiga Prefecture, the donated amount (limited to an amount equivalent to up to 30 percent of gross income) is tax-deductible.
For the prefectural and municipal inhabitant taxes, the deductions are calculated by multiplying the donated amount (less \2,000) by a tax rate of 4 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

Procedure to apply for tax benefits

Please file your tax return with the “receipt for donation” issued by Kyoto University attached.
For the deduction only from your inhabitant tax, please file a statement with your local municipality.

For corporations

The donated amount can be written off in full as a loss.


  1. Make a donation

When you pay by domestic bank transfer, download the “Donation application form” (Donation-form.pdf) from the below link, fill in the necessary information, and send it to the following address by mail. If you use a foreign bank transfer, we encourage you to consult the address below about money transfer by e-mail.


3.Make a payment
After we receive the “Donation application form”, we will send you a payment slip. Please make your payment with this slip.

6. Inquiry

Dai2unneihi-Kifukinkakari Accounts Division Administration Office, North Campus

Kyoto University

Kitashirakawa, Oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan

Tel.: 075-753-6419Fax: 075-753-3623

E-mail: a60unneihi2@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp