Admission Policy

I. Objectives of Education and Research

Since its founding, Kyoto University has been deeply committed to the principles of liberal education and academic freedom. In line with these principles, the Faculty of Agriculture pursue education and research with the aim of contributing to the harmonious coexistence of the global community, by resolving various challenges facing humanity, including the continuity of life from generation to generation, a stable supply of safe, high quality food, reduced environmental degradation and restoration of a degraded environment.

II. Objectives of Human Resources Development

Under the objectives stated above, the Faculty of Agriculture aim to nurture capable human resources as described in the following.
Full-fledged members of society who possess academic knowledge of agricultural sciences and related disciplines, and a high sense of ethics, as well as the following capabilities:
(1) Able to think from a broad perspective about solutions for problems facing humanity
(2) Able to understand the significance and importance of agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, as well as food and life science-related industries, and to contribute to the development of those industries
(3) Able to understand world-class research in natural and social sciences relating to life, food and environment.

III. Admission Policy of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Life, Food, and the Environment – Agriculture Science of Tomorrow

Agricultural science draws from many fields in addition to biology,requiring fundamental knowledge in chemistry,physics, and even social sciences. Wide-ranging expertise that is not focused on any one particular area is needed to approach and understand the diverse and complex issues of the 21st century that are focused on and are combinations of issues related to life, food, and the environment. By conducting a program that provides a systematic education of basic subjects common to all fields of specialization, along with advanced, specialist education unique to each field, the Faculty of Agriculture strives to produce outstanding graduates in a variety of specialities who whill possess both broad technical knowledge of many fields and advanced expertise in their particular specialty. Accordingly, we seek students who have the desire to boldly take up the challenges presented by the various research programs in our department and who have the academic ability to master the specialized education within the departments of the Faculty of Agriculture.