GSAKU Delegates Visit National Taiwan University (NTU) and Attend Reunion in Taiwan

GSAKU and College of Bioresources and Agriculture (CBA) and College of Life Science, NTU have been having close ties since signing the agreements for student exchange during Dean Takashi Endo’s term (from April 2011 to March 2013). Based on this partnership, GSAKU commenced a summer course program in CBANTU during Dean Hisashi Miyagawa’s term (from April 2013 to March 2017) followed by the establishment of a double degree program with CBANTU during Dean Eiji Nawata’s term (from April 2017 to present).

Prof. Hisashi Miyagawa, former dean of GSAKU and the current director of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Prof. Ryutaro Tao visited NTU as part of the Kyoto University (KU) delegation headed by President Juichi Yamagiwa on 15 October. Other members of the KU delegation included Prof. Shinsuke Kawazoe, executive vice-president for student affairs and library services, Prof. Masao Kitano, executive vice-president for education, information infrastructure, and evaluation, Mr. Masanobu Morita, executive vice-president for general affairs and personnel, Prof. Yoshihiro Tokuga, vice-president for university fund administration and alumni affairs, and Dr. Shigeru Araki, Special Assistant to the President. Photo1

The delegation had a meeting with Prof. Tei-Wei Kuo, NTU’s interim president*, other executives and approximately forty faculty members who are engaged in research collaboration with KU to discuss the current status of collaboration between the two universities: Photo2. During the meeting, some of the GSAKU-CBANTU collaborative research and educational activities such as summer courses and the double degree program were mentioned in NTU’s presentation on the history of partnership between KU and NTU: Photo3-6.

* The presidential post is temporarily vacant because its selection is in process.

In the evening, Prof. Miyagawa and Prof. Tao enjoyed having a pleasant talk with graduates of GSAKU and others at a KU reunion, where they expanded their networks in Taiwan: Photo7, 8.

The visit resulted in strengthening of the relationship between GSAKU and NTU. Further advancement of collaboration and student exchange between the schools are anticipated.


Photo1 Group Photo in front of Fu Bell, NTU

Photo2 Greetings from President Juichi Yamagiwa

Photo3 NTU presentation slide: History of NTU-KU Partnership (GSAKU-related topic highlighted by a red box)

Photo4 NTU presentation slide: GSAKU Lectures at Summer Course

Photo5 NTU Presentation Slide: Strategic Partnership (GSAKU-related topic highlighted by a red box)

Photo6 NTU Presentation Slide: Collaborative Research (GSAKU-related topic highlighted by a red box)

Photo7 Group Photo of Reunion Party (Two separate photos were taken to include all participants)

Photo8 KU Delegates Singing at Reunion