HZAU-NTU-KU JOINT HORTICULTURE SYMPOSIUM Held in Wuhan, China on September 4-5, 2018

The College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAUCHFS), the College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture of National Taiwan University (NTUCBA) and the Graduate School of Agriculture of Kyoto University (KUGSA) held a joint symposium titled “HZAU-NTU-KU Joint Horticulture Symposium” at the Huazhong Agricultural University.

KUGSA signed the partnership agreement with HZAUCHEFS in 2017 and with NTUCBA in 2012, and has been in constant contact with each school.

Approximately 100 participants attended the symposium in total: 17 from KUGSA, 17 from NTUCBA, 65 from HZAUCHFS.

In the opening ceremony of September 4, Prof. Zhengrong Luo started with the introduction of representatives and coordinators of this symposium from each university. The welcome address was given by Prof. Ping Qing, the vice president of HZAU, which was followed by greetings from Mr. Hongrong Zhang, the Dean of HZAUCHFS. After that, representatives and coordinators from each university introduced their own departments and universities (HZAUCHFS: Prof. Hanhui Kuang, the vice dean of HZAUCHFS, NTUCBA: Prof. Iuo-Zen Chen and Prof. Yu-Sen Chang, KUGSA: Prof. Hisashi Miyagawa, the former dean of KUGSA, and Prof. Ryutaro Tao).

Plenary talks were given in the packed venue by 12 researchers including Prof. Ryutaro Tao, Associate Prof. Hisayo Yamane, Assistant Prof. Takashi Akagi and Dr. Soichiro Nishiyama from KUGSA who introduced their latest research activities. Other speakers included Prof. Jihong Liu, Prof. Chunying Kang, Prof. Junhong Zhang and Prof. Zhulong Chan from HZAUCHFS, and Prof. Iuo-Zen Chen, Associate Prof. Yung-Chiung Chang, Assistant Prof. Shu-Yen Lin and Dr. Chun-Wei Wu from NTUCBA.

Students presented their posters during the poster session in the evening, where participants engaged in frank and lively discussions.

For those who were interested in studying at Kyoto University (KU), the educational programs of Faculty and Graduate School of KU were also introduced by a KU staff member during the coffee break.

After a welcome dinner, students from 3 universities attended a networking event to exchange opinions and share ideas on many kinds of topics such as educational systems and social problems, while faculties took a tour of the Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology.

On September 5, the KUGSA and NTUCBA delegation led by Associate Prof. Qinglin Zhang went on an excursion to the Fruit Repository & Orchard of HZAUCHFS, the Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Yellow Crane Tower.

The symposium, as a fruit of cooperation between coordinators from three universities, made a great impact not only on enhancing our relationship but on students’ networking for the future.

NTUCBA will host the next HZAU-NTU-KU joint symposium.

Prof. Zhengrong Luo, HZAU

Prof. Ping Qing, Vice president, HZAU

Mr. Hongrong Zhang, Dean, HZAU

Prof. Iuo-Zen Chen, NTU

Prof. Hisashi Miyagawa, KU



Presentation of a KU staff member, Ms. Ayako Tobita

Poster Session

Students’ networking event