GSA held the summer course and study fair in College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University

Five Professors of the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University (GSAKU), Prof. Yutaka Okumoto, Lab. of Plnat Breeding, Prof. Mamoru Kanzaki, Lab. of Forest Resources and Society, Prof. Kenji Matsuura, Lab. of Insect Ecology, Prof. Chieko Umetsu, Lab. of Regional Environmental Economics and Prof. Fumito Tani, Leb. of Bioengineering give the summer extensive course in the College of Bioresoureces and Agriculture, National Taiwan University (CBANTU) from July 2nd to 4th, 2018.

Organize by Dean Eiji Nawata, Lab. of Tropical Agriculture and Prof. Ryutaro Tao, Lab. of Pomology, GSAKU also held the study guidance fair for the NTU students to study GSAKU. Junior Assoc. Prof. Chin-Cheng Yang who is an alumni of NTU, made explanation sometimes speaking in Chinese. Participants showed their interests to learn about various study programs offered in English to international students by GSAKU.

Prof. Hung-Chi Kuo, NTU Vice President for Academic Affairs, gave a greeting message to GSA delegates

Prof. Huu-Sheng Lur, Dean of College of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU, made a welcome speach

Intensive summer course taught by 5 professors of GSA, KU

With CBA, NTU students who participated in the study fair