Indian National Science Academy President Visits GSA

Dr Raghavendra Gadagkar, President of Indian National Science Academy (INSA), payed a visit to the Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) on 7 October 2016, and met with Vice Dean Akira Murakami (Agricultural Facilities Engineering) and Prof Kenji Matsuura (Insect Ecology).

They exchanged opinions regarding the recent situations and future prospects of India-Japan academic cooperation. Dr Gadagkar indicated the current trends of “top-down” approaches led by the governments, and expected the “bottom-up” ways of exchange to be more prevalent. INSA, on the other hand, has few partnerships with Japanese organizations; in response to this, Vice Dean Murakami showed his interest to expand the network from GSA.

Dr Gadagkar, along with Profs Murakami and Matsuura, also paid a visit to Dr Kayo Inaba, Executive Vice President of Kyoto University in charge of Gender Equality, International Affairs and Public Relations. At the meeting he introduced INSA’s enlightenment activities toward gender equality in research and education.

Meeting attendees engaging in a discussion

(From left) Prof Matsuura, Ms Gadagkar, Dr Gadagkar and Prof Murakami

Meeting with Vice President Inaba

Dr Gadagkar explaining INSA’s activities

With Vice President Inaba