Procedures for Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel for Private Reasons

Complete the following procedures when you will be travelling overseas for the purpose of such as sightseeing, language studies.
  1. Submit“Notification of Overseas Travel”  form to Student Affairs Office.
  2. Remember to apply for travel insurance when you will be travelling overseas.

Overseas Travel for research, fieldworks or study abroad

If you travel overseas for the purpose of research, fieldworks or study abroad, the following documents must be submitted.
  1. Notification of Overseas Travel
  2. Letter of Reason of Overseas Travel   *In case the duration of travel exceeds three months, submit the letter filled by your supervisor. The letter is free format.
  3. Written Notice of Student Overseas Travel  *This is to notify students’ parents or guardians of the location, purpose, period of travel and emergency contact information.  If there is no FAX number available, attach an envelope with address where you would like it to be sent. In the case the person you want to notify of your travel is your supervisor or someone residing outline, Japan, this form can be omitted
  4. Pledge  *Pledge aims to make the students aware of personal safety while researching, surveying or studying abroad.
  5. Copy of Travel Insurance Certificate  *Generally speaking, students should apply for his/ her personal travel insurance provided by an insurance company rather than using a credit card collateral.


All the forms are available at Student Affairs Office (for the Faculty and for the Graduate School of Agriculture).