Scholarships for International Students

The following scholarships are available for those wishing to study at Kyoto University. It should be noted, however, the selection processes for the scholarships are very competitive, and in most cases applications are only accepted after the entrance to Kyoto University. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient financial resources prior to entering Kyoto University.

1, Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho “MEXT” ) Scholarship


School Fees: Examination, admission and tuition fees are exempted

Traveling Costs: One round-trip ticket is provided

Scholarship: The amount is subject to change depending on the MEXT annual budget


                                                        (As of April, 2010)  

Monthly Stipend
Research Students
152,000 Japanese Yen
Master’s Students
154,000 Japanese Yen
Doctoral Students
155,000 Japanese Yen
Application should be made through a Japanese embassy or consulate (Embassy Recommendations), or through a university in Japan (University Recommendations and Domestic Selection). Most MEXT Scholarship students at Kyoto University are awarded the scholarship through Embassy Recommendations. For the details, contact the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country.
As for the applications through University Recommendations and Domestic Selection, please check the notice board at Student Affairs Office or the laboratory you will belong to after entering Kyoto University.
For those who pass the preliminary screening by the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country and require an acceptance letter, please choose a prospective supervisor through our website or Kyoto University Bulletin, and contact him/her directly.

2, Honors Scholarship

Privately-financed international students currently studying at a university in Japan are eligible to apply for an Honors Scholarship which Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers to help them with their academic work and research in Japan. As of April 2010, graduate student awardees receive 65,000 Japanese Yen per month. Application should be made through Kyoto University after entrance.

3, Scholarships from Private Foundations

The application process for scholarships from private foundations varies. Some can be made
directly by the individual, and some must be made through the applicant’s university. Please click
here for more information about the scholarship which requires the application through Kyoto