The 3rd Bilateral Symposium between the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University (KUGSA) and Kasetsart University (KU)

The 3rd KU-KUGSA Bilateral Symposium on “Food, Environment and Life for the Next Generation: Sustainable Development Goals” took place at Kasetsart University in Thailand on December 4-5, 2017.

The MOU between Kyoto University and Kasetsart University was signed in 1984, and the two universities have built a mutually beneficial partnership over the years. As KU is the first agricultural university in Thailand, KU and KUGSA have especially strong partnership not only in joint research, but also in various collaborative programs such as double degree and summer schools. The KU-KUGSA bilateral symposiums have been held every year since 2015 to advance the collaboration.

Twenty-seven participants from KUGSA including students attended the symposium this time, and the total number of participants was approximately 70, including participants from KU. In the morning session of December 4th, the symposium opened with addresses by Assistant Prof. Sutkhet Nakasathien, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Associate Prof. Siree Chaiseri, the Acting Vice President for Research of KU. Those were followed by plenary lectures by Prof. Eiji Nawata, the Dean of KUGSA, whose topic dealt with global food production and the role of agriculture in the future, and by Prof. Supa Hannongbua, the Dean of the Faculty of Science of KU, whose topic included latest activities of KU and the Faculty of Science. The parallel sessions comprised three categories as shown below. The sessions featured presentations by the participants on their research, which were followed by active discussions.

Session 1: Agricultural Production and Innovation
Session 2: Biotechnology for Health and Food Sciences and Food Economics
Session 3: Natural Resources

On December 5th, the participants from KUGSA went on excursions to two different routes and visited orchards, a food-processing plant, and a shrimp farm.

Following the symposium and the excursions, a students’ workshop and laboratory tours were organized on December 6th and 7th by both universities’ students, where young researchers deepened exchanges.

Welcoming remarks from Dr. Sutkhet Nakasathien

Plenary lecture from Dr. Supa Hannongbua


Plenary lecture from Dr. Eiji Nawata

Group Photo

Parallel session

Poster session

Orchards Excursion

Shrimp farm Excursion