UH Manoa Prof Andrew Hashimoto Encourages GSA Students to Join Exchange Program

Dr Andrew Hashimoto, professor and former dean of the University of Hawaii at Manoa‘s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), visited Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) on 31 October to encourage GSA students to participate in the exchange program based on an agreement signed between the two institutes in June 2014.

GSA international committee chair Naoshi Kondo as well as student affairs and research administration officers arranged an information session for those interested in the exchange program. More than ten GSA students, including those from Bangladesh, China, Italy and Kenya, attended the session to learn about exchange opportunities made available by the agreement.

Dr Kanehiro Kitayama, professor of GSA and an alumnus of UH Manoa, joined Dr Hashimoto to give guidance to the attendees. In answering questions, Dr Kitayama touched upon cultural and scientific encounters he had during his PhD years at UH, as well as UH friends and collaborators he still maintains close ties with.

Dr Hashimoto also conveyed general ideas about what such exchange could entail, for he previously served as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Oregon State University, responsibilities of which included overseeing international student affairs.

“Besides taking part in research projects, you could also gain some teaching experience, as a teaching assistant for example,” said Dr Hashimoto. “You won’t be in charge of an entire course, but you could be asked to substitute for the professor supervising you, say when he or she is on sabbatical.”

“Having teaching experience will certainly help in your academic career development. You could even be offered a postdoc job opportunity after the exchange period,” continued Dr Hashimoto, shedding light to other facets of the program than research training.

“Over ten CTAHR faculty members have expressed interest in accepting GSA students, as shown in the list [provided as part of the handouts]. I can ask those not in the list as well if they would consider. Both sides’ professors will of course have to agree prior to any exchange, but I’d be happy to help make initial contact and find the right match.”

Kyoto University and UH Manoa concluded a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation and a student exchange agreement in 2003. In June 2014 GSA formed a partnership with CTAHR to further foster collaboration on life, food, and environmental sciences, while pursuing the university’s international strategy. This faculty-level agreement enabled GSA and CTAHR to exchange non-degree seeking graduate students for up to a year.

Yutaka Iijima, Kanehiro Kitayama, Andrew Hashimoto
From left: Research administration officer Yutaka Iijima, Drs Kanehiro Kitayama, Andrew Hashimoto and GSA students engaging in a Q&A session held at Kyoto University GSA

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