Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is devoted to research and education on the use of engineering and technology as tools for achieving efficient food production that is also harmonious with the environment, resolving environmental and energy problems, including global environmental problems, and promoting the development of environmentally friendly rural communities. The Department is helping to build a society that is prosperous in the 21st century through a wide range of research programs. Through the rational utilization of valuable water resources by controlling water cycle and asset management to enhance production by achieving effective maintenance and renewal of agricultural irrigation and drainage, production that is in harmony with atmospheric, water, and soil environments can be achieved in cooperation with rural planning and citizens’ organizations in regional planning. The development of a recycling-based society through Precision Agriculture and the exploration of futuristic agricultural methods, including the use of robots and information technology, planning and control of agricultural, livestock, and fisheries products and food production can be achieved.