Academic Calender

Academic Calendar for 2013 (April 2013 – March 2014)

First Semester


Second Semester


Year 2013


Year 2013


April 1 (MON)

Beginning of Academic Year

October 1 (TUE)

Beginning of Second Semester

April 5 (FRI)

Entrance Ceremony


Beginning of Second Semester Class

April 8 (MON)

Beginning of First Semester Class

October 15 (TUE)

Monday Schedule

May 2 (THU)

Monday Schedule

End of November

November Festival
(Campus Festival)

May 8 (WED)

Monday Schedule

November 27 (WED)

Monday Schedule

June 18 (TUE)

Foundation Day

December 24 (TUE)

Monday Schedule

July 26 (FRI)

End of First Semester Class

December 28 (SAT) to January 3 (FRI)

Winter Vacation

July 29 (MON) to
August 2 (FRI)

Examination Period for First Semester

January 15 (WED)

Monday Schedule

August 6 (TUE) to
September 30 (MON)

Summer Vacation

January 29 (WED)

End of Second Semester Class


January 30 (THU) to February 5 (WED)

Examination Period for Second Semester


March 24 (MON)

Commencement Ceremony


March 31 (MON)

End of Academic Year

No classes/Lectures on June 18 (Foundation Day) .

No classes/Lectures during the period of November Festival.

Notices on holidays are displayed as necessary.