List of Teaching Staff and Researchers

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Division of Agronomy and Horticultural Science

Crop Science
Laboratory Job Title Name
Crop Science professor Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa
associate professor Tomoyuki Tanaka
assistant professor Yu Tanaka
Plnat Breeding professor Shuhei Nasuda
associate professor Masayoshi Teraishi
assistant professor Takanori Yoshikawa
Horticultural Science
Vegetable and Ornamental Horticulture professor Motoaki Doi
associate professor Yoshiyuki Tanaka
assistant professor Sho Ohno

(Fruit and Fruit Tree Science)

professor Ryutaro Tao
associate professor Hisayo Yamane
assistant professor Soichiro Nishiyama
Agricultural Ecology
Weed Science professor Tohru Tominaga
associate professor Yoshiko Shimono
assistant professor Satoshi Iwakami
Plant Production Systems junior associate professor Hiromo Inoue
Food Quality Science
Food Quality Design and Development professor Nobuyuki Maruyama
associate professor CABANOS, Cerrone Salamat
Quality Analysis and Assessment professor Yasuki Matsumura
associate professor Yukako Hayashi
assistant professor Kentaro Matsumiya
program-specific assistant professor Toya Ishii

Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science

Forest Resource Management
Laboratory Job Title Name
Forest Resources and Society professor Mamoru Kanzaki
associate professor Koji Matsushita
assistant professor Daisuke Naito
Tropical Forest Resources and Environments professor Kaoru Kitajima
associate professor Yusuke Onoda
assistant professor Takayuki Kaneko
Forest and Forestry Production
Forest Utilization associate professor Naoki Okada
assistant professor Masako Dannoura
Forest Biology professor Yuji Isagi
associate professor Atsushi Takayanagi
assistant professor Michimasa Yamasaki
Forest Environment Conservation
Landscape Architecture professor Shozo Shibata
associate professor Katsue Fukamachi
program-specific associate professor Nurhayati Habi Susilo Arifin
assistant professor Ryo Nukina
Erosion Control professor Kenichirou Kosugi
assistant professor Kana Nakatani
program-specific assistant professor Naoya Masaoka
Biomaterials Technology
Biomaterials Design professor Masashi Nakamura
associate professor Kouji Murata
Wood Processing professor Yoshihisa Fujii
associate professor Yoshiyuki Yanase
assistant professor Yutaka Sawada
Fibrous Biomaterials professor Masahisa Wada
assistant professor Ryousuke Kusumi
assistant professor Kayoko Kobayashi
Biomaterials Function
Tree Cell Biology professor Junji Sugiyama
associate professor Arata Yoshinaga
assistant professor Tatsuya Awano
Chemistry of Composite Materials professor Hiroshi Kamitakahara
associate professor Mariko Yoshioka
assistant professor Kazuki Sugimura
Chemistry of Biomaterials professor Toshiyuki Takano
associate professor Yoshikuni Teramoto

Division of Applied Life Sciences

Applied Biochemistry
Laboratory Job Title Name
Cellular Biochemistry professor Noriyuki Kioka
associate professor Yasuhisa Kimura
Biomacromolecular Chemistry professor Mitsuyoshi Ueda
associate professor Kouichi Kuroda
assistant professor Wataru Aoki
Bioregulation Chemistry professor Hisashi Miyagawa
associate professor Yoshiaki Nakagawa
associate professor Masahiro Miyashita
Chemical Ecology professor Naoki Mori
associate professor Hajime Ono
assistant professor Naoko Yoshinaga
Molecular and Cellular Sciences
Plant Nutrition associate professor Masaru Kobayashi
assistant professor Kumiko Ochiai
Molecular Microbiology professor Yoshiharu Inoue
Applied Microbiology
Fermentation Physiology and Applied Microbiology professor Jun Ogawa
associate professor Shigenobu Kishino
assistant professor Akinori Ando
Microbial Biotechnology professor Yasuyoshi Sakai
associate professor Hiroya Yurimoto
Bioorganic and Biophysical Chemistry
Bioanalytical and Biophysical Chemistry professor Osamu Shirai
assistant professor Yuki Kitazumi
Biofunction Chemistry professor Hideto Miyoshi
associate professor Masatoshi Murai
program-specific assistant professor Takahiro Masuya
Applied Structural Biology assistant professor Kimihiko Mizutani

Division of Applied Bioscience

Science of Plant Resources
Laboratory Job Title Name
Plant Genetics associate professor Naohiko Miyashita
Crop Evolution professor Ryohei Terauchi
assistant professor Yasuo Yasui
program-specific assistant professor Hiroaki Kato
Science of Plant Protection
Plant Pathology
professor Yoshitaka Takano
associate professor Kazuyuki Mise
Insect Ecology professor Kenji Matsuura
Insect Physiology professor Takaaki Daimon
assistant professor Takahiro Ohde
Animal Genetics and Reproduction
Animal Breeding and Genetics professor Norihide Yokoi
associate professor Yukio Taniguchi
Reproductive Biology professor Naojirou Minami
associate professor Shuntaro Ikeda
Animal Anatomy, Nutrition and Resources
Nutritional Science of Animals professor Tohru Matsui
associate professor Masayuki Funaba
assistant professor Shozo Tomonaga
Animal Physiology and Functional Anatomy professor Takeshi Ota
assistant professor Miki Sugimoto
Animal Husbandry Resources professor Hiroyuki Hirooka
associate professor Hajime Kumagai
assistant professor Kazato Oishi
Marine Biological Resources
Fisheries and Environmental Oceanography professor Hiromichi Mitamura
associate professor Kotaro Ichikawa
program-specific junior associate professor Satoko Kimura
assistant professor Shiho Kobayashi
Marine Stock-Enhancement Biology associate professor Masatomo Tagawa
assistant professor Kouji Nakayama
Marine Microbiology
Marine Microbiology professor Takashi Yoshida
associate professor Ryoma Kamikawa
Marine Environmental Microbiology professor Shigeki Sawayama
associate professor Satoshi Nakagawa
Marine Bio-production
Marine Bioproducts Technology professor Tatsuya Sugawara
assistant professor Yuuki Manabe
program-specific assistant professor Shinsuke Mouri
Marine Biological Function professor Kenji Sato
assistant professor Masato Kinoshita

Division of Environmental Science and Technology

Bio-environmental Science
Laboratory Job Title Name
Forest Ecology professor Kanehiro Kitayama
associate professor Naoya Osawa
Forest Hydrology professor Yoshiko Kosugi
program-specific professor Daniel Claude Andre Epron
program-specific assistant professor Ayaka Sakabe
Forest Biochemistry professor Yoichi Honda
associate professor Masahiro Sakamoto
assistant professor Takehito Nakazawa
Agro-ecosystem Science
Tropical Agriculture professor Hirokazu Higuchi
associate professor Tomohiro Kondo
Soil Science professor Shinya Funakawa
associate professor Tetsuhiro Watanabe
assistant professor Makoto Shibata
Terrestrial Microbial Ecology professor Chihiro Tanaka
assistant professor Yuko Takeuchi
Ecological Information professor Norihide Hinomoto
associate professor Masahiro Osakabe
assistant professor Shuichi Yano
Environmental Development Engineering
Agricultural Facilities Engineering associate professor Kazunori Fujisawa
assistant professor Shoichi Kiyama
program-specific assistant professor Vilayvong Khonesavanh
Water Resources Engineering professor Masayuki Fujihara
associate professor Koichi Unami
associate professor Junichiro Takeuchi
Land and Water Resources Management
Hydrological Environment Engineering professor Kimihito Nakamura
associate professor Takehide Hama
Rural Planning professor Satoshi Hoshino
associate professor Kenichiro Onitsuka
assistant professor Mrittika Basu
program-specific assistant professor Andrea Emma Pravitasari
Bioproduction Engineering
Agricultural Systems Engineering professor Hiroshi Nakashima
assistant professor Juro Miyasaka
assistant professor Katsuaki Ohdoi
Field Robotics and Precision Agriculture professor Michihisa Iida
assistant professor Masahiko Suguri
assistant professor Ryohei Masuda
Bio-Sensing Engineering professor Naoshi Kondo
associate professor Yuichi Ogawa
assistant professor Tetsuhito Suzuki
assistant professor Keiichiro Shiraga

Division of Natural Resource Economics

Management and Infromation of Agricultural Enterprise
Laboratory Job Title Name
Agri-food System Management professor Hideyuki Tsujimura
junior associate professor Yayoi Kito
Farm Managerial Information and Accounting associate professor Haruhiko Iba
International Agricultural Economics
Regional Environmental Economics professor Chieko Umetsu
associate professor Jinhu Shen
Agricultural and Environmental Policy professor Junichi Ito
associate professor Shinichi Kitano
Forest Policy and Economics professor Koichi Kuriyama
associate professor Yohei Mitani
International Rural Development professor Atsuyuki Asami
assistant professor Yoshiaki Nakada
assistant professor Ken Miura
Comparative Agricultural History and Philosophy of Agricultural Science
Comparative Agricultural History professor Yoshihiro Adachi
associate professor Atsushi Ito
Philosophy of Agricultural Science professor Motoki Akitsu
program-specific junior associate professor Hart Nadav Feuer

Division of Food Science and Biotechnology

Food Life Science
Laboratory Job Title Name
Enzyme Chemistry professor Kiyoshi Yasukawa
assistant professor Teisuke Takita
assistant professor Kenji Kojima
Organic Chemistry in Life Science professor Kazuhiro Irie
associate professor Kazuma Murakami
associate professor Chihiro Tsukano
Food and Health Science
Nutrition Chemistry professor Tsutomu Sasaki
assistant professor Satoshi Tsuzuki
assistant professor Sho Matsui
Molecular Function of Food associate professor Tsuyoshi Goto
assistant professor Haruya Takahashi
program-specific assistant professor Wataru Nomura
Physiological Function of Food professor Kazuo Inoue
associate professor Kousaku Oohinata
assistant professor Shigenobu Matsumura
program-specific assistant professor Kentaro Kaneko
Food Production Technology
Bioengineering professor(Acting) Fumito Tani
assistant professor Takashi Kobayashi
assistant professor Takenobu Ogawa
assistant professor Tetsuya Masuda
Basic and Applied Molecular Biotechnology professor Wataru Hashimoto
associate professor Daisuke Watanabe
assistant professor Ryuichi Takase

Comparative Agricultural Science

Laboratory Job Title Name
Comparative Agricultural Science associate professor Takeshi Miyake
associate professor Hitoshi Shinjo(※)
associate professor Ayako Katayama


Experimental Farm

Plant Production Science (Cooprative chair of Division of Agronomy and Horticultural Science)
Laboratory Job Title Name
Plant production Control professor Tetsuya Nakazaki
associate professor Ryohei Nakano
assistant professor Kazusa Nishimura
assistant professor Ko Motoki
assistant professor Akira Yamazaki
program-specific assistant professor Eri Maai

Livestock Farm

Laboratory Job Title Name
Livestock Farm assistant professor Yoichiro Hoshino

Industrial Microbiology (Endowed Chair)

Laboratory Job Title Name
Industrial Microbiology program-specific professor Makoto Ueda
program-specific associate professor Ryotaro Hara
program-specific assistant professor Michiki Takeuchi

Laboratory of Environmental Interface Technology of Filamentous Fungi (Endowed Chair)

Laboratory Job Title Name
Laboratory of Environmental Interface Technology of Filamentous Fungi program-specific associate professor Akira Yoshimi

program-specific assistant professor

Moriyuki Kawauchi

CIFOR Chair on Sustainable Forest Management and Climate Resilient Societies

Laboratory Job Title   Name
program-specific assistant professor Katsunori Sasaki


Graduate School of Agriculture

Laboratory Job Title Name
associate professor PILLER Garry-John